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Overview of 10LittlemoorBradford

Updated Feb 2024

10, Littlemoor, Bradford is located in the borough of Bradford and is a freehold house, with 2 bedrooms split across 506 square feet of gross internal area and has a garden.

It sits on the street Littlemoor, Queensbury, Bradford, BD13.

In fair condition the estimated sale price of this property is £102,721 with a rental price of £596 per month giving an expected yield of 7%.

Over the last 12 months 10, Littlemoor, Bradford has seen its sale price increase by £1,665 and its rental price increase by £24.

This property is the 22nd largest and the 22nd most expensive property out of 24 properties in Littlemoor, Queensbury, Bradford, BD13. It is £84k less expensive than the average property in BD13.

Sale estimate
Rental estimate
£596 pcm
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Price range for 10, Littlemoor, Bradford

If this property was in very good condition it would have a sale value of £107,857 and rental value of £626.

If the property was in need of a lot of cosmetic work the sale value would be £95,530 and rental value of £554.

Price of 10, Littlemoor, Bradford, BD13 1DB in different conditions
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Previous sold prices for 10, Littlemoor, Bradford

Land Registry Sold Prices
10, Littlemoor, Bradford

The property was last sold in 19 Aug 2016 for £78,000 and since then the market for similar properties has increased by 43.2%. The property has had a total of 3 sales since 1995.

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Energy Efficiency for 10, Littlemoor, Bradford

This property has an Energy Performance Rating (EPC) of D. This is based on the last assessment that was dated 15 Oct 2013.

The property is connected to mains gas and has fully double glazed windows and is heated using a boiler and radiators.

Energy performancen band for 10, Littlemoor, Bradford, BD13 1DB
Latest EPC

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*Based on the latest published Land Registry sold prices.

Demographic Data
Local area around 10, Littlemoor, Bradford

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Schools around 10, Littlemoor, Bradford

The nearest primary school is Stocks Lane Primary School which is 0.6km away and is rated Good by Ofsted. The nearest secondary school is Trinity Academy, Halifax which is 3.5km away and is rated Outstanding by Ofsted.


Public transport options for 10, Littlemoor, Bradford

The closest station to 10, Littlemoor, Bradford is Low Moor station which is 5.5km away.

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