Our mission is to bring transparency to the UK property market

Our mission is to bring
transparency to the UK
property market

In a nutshell, we've worked out the likely characteristics of more than 21 million addresses across England & Wales and then created accurate sale and rental price estimates for each one.

We then made it available to everyone... for free! We hope you find it useful.

How can we help you?

We've compiled a few answers to some common questions to help explain what we do and why we are doing it.

Q: Where can I afford to live?
When searching for a property, finding a location which ticks all your boxes can feel like an impossible task.

We’ve analysed every property possible using huge quantities of data. We can accurately pinpoint which streets and individual addresses match your budget and criteria.

Q: What do I really want?
Everything! However, you probably have to compromise.

By using our map filters you can easily adjust your search criteria to help you find most of what you want and the areas where you might have to compromise.

Q: Am I making a good financial decision?
Buying, selling, or renting are major financial commitments. More data equals less stress!

We've done all the legwork in analysing the data to provide a freely-available sales and rental price estimate for more than 2.8 million properties. While we cannot guarantee that you can buy, sell or rent at this price, having a price benchmark and data on the changes in that price over time are a great place to start any negotiation.

Q: Who should I trust?
Lots of people provide free valuations but normally they come at a price. In most cases the valuer wants to buy or sell your home which can lead to bias. These valuations can also vary wildly adding further confusion.

We’ve explained all the criteria which go into our models and are not using our estimates to generate revenue. They are simply available to everyone, meaning they are as unbiased as possible.